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Stamford is the best little town you may have not heard of!

The blossoming town of Stamford

A Relaxed Way of Life

Stamford, once known as "Queen of the Catskills" is seeing a wonderful resurgence of activity! Just a short drive from Roxbury, her main street is buzzing with new shops, cafes and grand old houses. Climb the majestic Mount Utsayantha and glimpse Stamford from one of the tallest peaks in the region. The views are breathtaking!

A Catskill Hidden Gem

Just outside the Catskill blue line, but inside the town of Stamford you will find many fun things to do. The Catskill scenic trail, Mt. Utsayantha, Rexmere Pond and Stamford Golf Club will keep you enjoying the outdoors year round. Afterwards, stroll the center of town and check out some cool antiques or enjoy a latte!

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Ready to find your dream home in Stamford? We've got your back. Whether you're looking for a vacation home or your next dream home, you'll find plenty of fantastic real estate options in this gorgeous mountainside community.

Stamford: Love Where You Live

Stamford offers a unique lifestyle that you can’t find anywhere else, and despite its size, it truly offers something for everyone. Here, you can outfit your modern house at Tandem Antiques, Bike the Scenic Trail, or sip a latte at Stamford Coffee...the options really are endless. And if you’re interested in getting to know this Catskill treasure for yourself, we’d love to show you around.