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Located on the eastern edge of Delaware County, the town of Roxbury was the birthplace of naturalist John Burroughs and financier Jay Gould, and its history is still perfectly preserved. In 2004, the hamlet was designated a “Preserve America Community.”

 A Small Town Filled with Natural Beauty

An Outdoor Wonderland

You'll find the small community of Roxbury nestled in the easternmost portion of Delaware County—and it truly is a one-of-a-kind town that's brimming with natural beauty. In 2004, Roxbury was designated a “Preserve America Community” by the National Parks Service, Department of Interior, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. It's also home to countless mountains, ski resorts, parks, and so much more!

An Ever-Changing Community

Today, the Main Street Historic District is picture-postcard-pretty. Downtown Roxbury features both old maples and beautiful mid-to-late 1900’s architecture, including the Gothic Revival-style Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church. Behind the church is Kirkside Park, home to Roxbury’s vintage baseball team and an annual “Olden Days” event. Roxbury is experiencing a renaissance these days, and new innovations include a cutting edge community radio station (WIOX), a famous boutique motel, as well as several restaurants, shops, cafes, and galleries.

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Roxbury offers a unique way of life that you won't find in just any Catskills community. Here, stunning mountains, opulent ski resorts, and charming downtown businesses await at every turn. And whenever there's someone new in town, you can always count on the residents of Roxbury to offer their neighbors a warm welcome. If you're ready to relax in the heart of the Catskills, it's time to call Roxbury home. Use the buttons below to get an idea of what life is like in this little hamlet and let us know when you're ready to make a move.