The Catskill Dream Team

Meade Camp & Peggy Bellar

Offering savvy, strategic, sensitive, and insightful guidance throughout the home buying & selling process, Meade Camp and Peggy Bellar—The Catskills Dream Team—can turn your real estate dreams into reality. Transplants to the region after years in New York City—Camp worked in media and marketing, Bellar in national nonprofit management—it’s their enthusiasm for life in the Catskills that underscores everything they do. Living proof that greener pastures do exist, Meade and Peggy move mountains to help their clients actualize their dreams. 

With topnotch professionalism, technological expertise, innovative marketing strategies, endless support, and an ever-widening network, the Catskills Dream Team is Delaware County’s most exciting and proficient real estate team.  

A shared sense of adventure and enthusiasm for community building put their fingers on the pulse of each and every hamlet, village, and township in New York’s Delaware County. Meade and Peggy know the area—and the market—inside and out, and can expertly guide you through the terrain to help you sell your house, or find the perfect mountain home in which to put down roots.

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Judy Black Licensed Real Estate Agent

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Phyllis Whitehouse

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